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Sandalwood Spa - Soy wax melts 16 count

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Highly scented all natural soy wax melts. 16 per pack 

Lead Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Tonka

Base Notes: Sweet Orange, Grapefruit

Why We Love Sandalwood Spa... Bring the spa to your home with calming and soothing aromas of sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean. Create a sanctuary of calm and relaxation with our Sandalwood wax melts. Delicate and subtle this beautiful, elegant fragrance is perfect for unwinding and letting go of any stress and worries that you may have. Curl up on the sofa, lay back, and enjoy the gentle fragrance that will diffuse into your home.

Each wax melt lasts on average 6 hours, meaning the box is at least 96 hours of beautiful fragrance. The perfect gift for you or a friend or family member. Our Wax Melt Benefits: - Highly Fragrance & Long Lasting - Plastic Free & Eco Friendly Packaging - Cruelty Free, Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly - Natural Soy & Rapeseed Formula - The Perfect Gift for a Loved One